Barn Rules


R&S Rules are designed to create and maintain a clean, safe and fun environment for people and horses. Working with horses is a high risk activity. The following rules must be adhered to at all times:

Rider Rules:

  • All paperwork MUST be completed and submitted in order to ride at Rein and Shine. This includes friends, family, staff, volunteers, board members, etc. No Exceptions!
  • Riders MUST be on time for lessons. We cannot guarantee that you will ride, if you are late.
  • No one is to ride a Rein and Shine horse without permission and direct supervision by the Executive Director or a Rein and Shine Instructor (each and every time).
  • There will be NO RUNNING OR SCREAMING in the barn or around the horses.
  • Participants are required to use gentle hands and feet while on or near horses.
  • Must use ASTM-SEI approved helmet for ground work and/or riding of horses.
  • Must use closed toed, hard soled shoes with a heel for all riding and handling of horses.
  • Only ride in approved riding areas.
  • No riding inside the barn.
  • Immediately report ANY injury (rider, horse, or barn animal) to R&S staff.
  • Incident report must be completed and signed for any accident or injury.
  • Only Rein and Shine approved instructors are allowed to teach on property.
Horse Handling Rules:
  • No one may handle, feed, or pet horses or other barn animals, unless supervised by staff.
  • No one (other than approved feeders) may enter a pasture or paddock containing horses unless accompanied by a staff member.
  • Hand-feeding of the horses is not allowed under any circumstance.
  • PETS: The animals at Rein and Shine live in harmony with one another.  Introduction of a new animal is handled very carefully. Visiting pets will upset this harmony and can be very disruptive. Please leave your pet(s) at home.
  • Do not leave un-supervised horses in crossties.
  • Put groom boxes and tack back where they belong after use.
  • Lead horses using lead line, holding 6-8 inches below horse's chin.
  • Scoop manure after your horse in cross tie area or aisle of barn (staff, volunteers, and boarders).
  • Do not leave grooming supplies (i.e. hoof picks, brushes) out while riding

Property Rules:
  • Visitors wishing to tour the facility or grounds must be escorted by Rein and Shine staff.
  • Please respect any posted off-limit areas, including the pond and the hayloft.
  • The speed limit on Rein and Shine / Windwood Farm grounds is 5 mph. 
  • No drugs on property.
  • No alcoholic beverage consumption on property other than during an official Rein and Shine function.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING or use of open flames is permitted anywhere at Rein and Shine .
  • No abusive, threatening, or violent behavior towards people or animals will be tolerated.
  • Keep all doors and gates closed at all times. 
  • Barn aisles must be kept clean and free of obstructions.
  • Staff members ONLY may drive the John Deere Gator.
  • Park in designated areas. 
  • Barn hours are 8am to 7pm.
  • Turn out lights if last to leave.
  • NO DOGS NO EXCEPTIONS (other than Staff)! Please leave your pets at home.


  • Rein and Shine is a working farm. We must insist that all children, when not involved in a lesson, remain beside their accompanying adult. Running, yelling, or unaccompanied children can create hazardous situations - for themselves, riders, horse handlers, staff and other visitors at the farm. Please observe, or ask, about designated areas for viewing lessons. If children behave in an unsafe manner, we may ask you to remove them from the premises.

Rules may be added to this list on an as needed basis.