What to Wear

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For your safety and the safety of our participants and families, please follow these clothing and equipment guidelines:


  • Riders must wear long jeans and sturdy cotton trousers
  • NO stretchy material, running pants, capri pants or shorts permitted.
  • Loose, baggy jeans should be secured with belt
  • Avoid dangling earrings or other jewelry * Medical tags, necklaces and scarves should be worn under shirts/jackets during activities around horses
  • Wear sunglasses only if needed.
  • Apportiate footwear includes: sturdy-sole shoe, with small heel that fits securely to the foot. 

          - shoes with bulky soles pose a safety threat and therefore are not permissible.

          - shoes with laces must be securely tied

*Absolutely no sandals are permitted in the barn area.

Riders hairstyle must fit comfortably under their helmet. Pony tails, braids and large hair accessories do not fit under a hard hat and may need to be removed.

Dress in plenty of layers as the weather changes. Short sleeves (not sleeveless) shirts are best in the summer heat. Keep loose clothing/jackets buttoned or zipped. Please bring appropriate clothing, including gloves, for riding in the winter months.