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Meet Our Horses

At Rein and Shine, we’re fortunate to have a stable of incredible horses. Their gentle spirits and calm manners provide a welcoming environment for our children, veterans
and others coming to our farm to learn about the joy of riding and caring for horses. Meet our team! 

Copenhagen, “Hagen”
Copenhagen, “Hagen”17-hand Oldenberg gelding
Not to toot my own horn, but I am a former jumper champion with a regal temperament. I now enjoy my work with children and adults teaching confidence, balance and horsemanship. I am a gentle leader with a kind heart.
La Banqua, “Lovey”
La Banqua, “Lovey” 16-hand Hanoverian mare
I may have been a fancy fox hunter in my previous career, but now helping others is my passion. You will know why they call me “Lovey” as soon as I give you one flutter of my long beautiful lashes.
Hocus Pocus, “Boo”
Hocus Pocus, “Boo” 14.2-hand Welsh Pony mare
I am the matriarch of this herd, and the head honcho. I am happiest when I am working, so don’t let my old age fool you. I definitely pull my weight around here.
Millie 15.2-hand
Millie 15.2-hand American Paint mare
I am the quiet one of the group. I want to please and help others. My newfound career as a therapy horse makes me happy.
Hot Rodder’s Titan, “Ty”
Hot Rodder’s Titan, “Ty”15.2-hand Quarter Horse gelding
As you can see, I am the handsome quarter horse of the herd. I love to show my personality and don’t think I won’t test you. I have been in this line of work for quite some time so I consider myself a crackerjack therapy horse.
Molly18-hand Percheron mare
Don’t let my size fool you. I am a gentle giant and even the smallest students love to ride me. I like to nap in my down time and can usually be found dozing in the shade.
St. Valentine, “Jad”
St. Valentine, “Jad” 16-hand Thoroughbred gelding
Hi my name is Jad, and I was born on Valentine’s Day (hence my fancy name). I am very curious and like to pick things up with my mouth and knock things over with my nose. My great-great grandfather was Secretariat. Although I’m not as fast as he was, I do love to jump.