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Horses for Heroes

In 2016, Rein and Shine expanded its therapeutic riding program to serve local veterans suffering from PTSD, physical impairments, and emotional and social insecurities through their new program.

Trained staff and volunteers will give back to these brave men and women by helping to heal them physically and emotionally in the Horses for Heroes program. While participants learn to work with a horse, they also learn to trust and care for an animal that will in return learn to trust and depend on them. Their focus shifts from pain and insecurity to freedom and purpose.

What is the lesson format?

Participants go through an eight-week program, learning to navigate obstacles with the horse as way to build confidence, trust and positive outlook. Veterans also benefit physically as they work on balance, strength and mobility that may have been compromised while on active duty.  

What is the enrollment process?

Once all forms are completed, a Rein and Shine instructor will be in touch to set up a lesson schedule.

Download the Horses for Heroes application and mail it back to:  

Rein and Shine
5220 Bedaw Farm Drive
Awendaw, SC 29429

What are the fees?

This program is free for qualified veterans.

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Horses for Heroes at Rein and Shine

Since starting to ride with Rein and Shine many years ago, the relationships that the horses get with me have helped very much. They got me out of a manual wheelchair and walking again. Another horse got me running again. The horse I am riding now got me bending my knee for the first time. I cannot say enough good things about Rein and Shine and their horses.

Tate Mikell